Create A Global Culture And Entertainment Digital Asset

The core goal of USDT2 is to create a simple, stable and scalable blockchain token system. The design of the whole system is based on the principle of simplicity and stability.Thereby achieving functions such as secure fast payment, privacy transaction and atomic exchange, and using offline wallet and wallet retrieval to protect the security of USDT2 digital assets.In order to maintain the entire USDT2 ecosystem, USDT2 will also develop applications in multiple areas such as points, prepaid cards, games, etc. to enhance the overall ecological diversity.

Technology is the core of a blockchain project. The use of blockchain technology to solve the existing industry pain points is the starting point of USDT2. The core technology of USGT2 is smart contract, modular architecture and multi-chain architecture.

  • Smart contract


    Smart contract

    There is no interconnection between the public chain and the alliance chain, and it is impossible to achieve interaction, which will greatly reduce its effectiveness and value. To solve this problem, USDT2 will launch a cross-chain interoperable smart contract. Cross-chain interoperability smart contracts can operate on different blockchains, and ensure transaction consistency of these operations according to different application scenarios, which are divided into "cross-chain payment protocol" and "cross-chain distributed transaction protocol".
  • Modular architecture


    Modular architecture

    The modular underlying architecture is a major feature. It divides the blockchain into different modules and message buses, allowing enterprises and developers to focus only on the module's service interface and event data structure. Thereby reducing development and use costs, and accelerating the adoption and application of blockchain technology.
  • Multi-chain architectur


    Multi-chain architectur

    If all operations are on the chain, it will lead to blockchain congestion, high transaction costs, and everything is unrealistic in the main chain. The USDT2 is also fully aware of this, and from its future technical route, it considers both the most basic security and the scalability and ecology. It attempts to achieve extensibility and cross-chain value interaction through a multi-chain architecture, and on this basis build a cross-chain complete chain ecosystem.

Application Scenario

The USDT2 application scenario is extensive and feasible.

  • Digital asset management

    Digital asset management

    Assets that exist in the form of electronic data are called digital assets. The use of blockchain technology enables digital assets to be decentralized, trusted, and traceable. The USDT2 mainly implements the function of asset digitization.
  • Payment Application

    Payment Application

    The USDT2 underlying system has been optimized for many iterations and has high-performance, low-latency payment features, which not only provides USDT2 with strong competitiveness in the payment and clearing field. At the same time, it also built a high-speed channel for the token transfer in the USDT2 system. USDT2 strives to be the main medium for global asset transactions, and most of the user's fees can be reduced.
  • Product Traceability

    Product Traceability

    With the Internet of Things, data from production and logistics can be collected in real time through smart devices and accessed via VEP to USDT2 storage in the traceability network. The unique data storage structure and distributed ledger technology of the blockchain ensure that the uplink data cannot be tampered with. At the same time, asymmetric encryption and relative anonymity ensure that the core information of the enterprise is not leaked. When consumers need to query product information, they can trace all the information of the product as long as they know the product code and production batch.
  • Blockchain Database Cloud

    Blockchain Database Cloud

    USDT2 believes that most of the existing data can be migrated to the blockchain database. In the blockchain, anyone can manage accounts through public-private key pairs. In this process, centralized management is not required. In addition to the data stored in encrypted form, all data on the blockchain is public, and the privacy protection of these data is mainly realized by the anonymous way of virtual identity. Unlike a centralized database, a centralized database can be hacked and lose data.
  • Project Crowdfunding

    Project Crowdfunding

    Equity crowdfunding in USDT2 network. After the crowdfunding is completed, the startup company can manage the equity of many shareholders through the USDT2 network, and the decentralized trading mechanism provided by USDT2 for equity trading. The startup has obtained market valuation and equity liquidity, and the user has obtained an exit mechanism. By registering equity in the USDT2 blockchain, startups can obtain funds in the form of “blockchain IPOs”.
  • Pledged Loan

    Pledged Loan

    When an individual or business is unable to open a capital, the assets registered on the USDT2 network can be safely and effectively used as collateral without determining the existence and authenticity of an asset through a lengthy certification process. So that you can get working capital quickly.

Cooperative media

Appreciation concept

Through technological innovation, we will be able to solve the trust between people, and also create a new network of production relations, and better integrate community consensus, individual behavior, and value exchange.

Token Appreciation